Let’s stop for a minute and THINK

In our daily lives we are often occupied with To Do’s, deadlines and little obligations that it’s easy to forget what captured us most in our scientific discipline or occupation and kept us fascinated throughout the years.

The annual THINK conference invites curious minds from every background to take some time off and reconnect with the topics that are the closest to our hearts. Immerse yourself in an inclusive, open-minded environment of critical and engaging thought and take the opportunity to share whatever drives you with your fellow THINKers!

Conference 2019

For the fifth consecutive year, the THINK V conference will gather up to 40 fresh minds for a highly intense five-day programme from 6th to 10th of July 2019 at Burg Wildegg in Sittendorf, Lower Austria.

Participants are encouraged to give a talk or prepare a little seminar about a topic that resonates most with their (scientific) interest. Our participants’ contributions form the heart of our conference and proved to elicit sparkling discussions, to lead to action beyond the conference and to provide thought-provoking insights for everyone.

With past lectures about everything from femto-meter physics, global biodiversity, mathematical logic to the sociology of dance music the THINK V conference again expects to live up to its aspiration of scientific pluralism and interdisciplinary exchange.

We will see outstanding contributions in the lecture hall, fierce debates around the kitchen table and first and foremost provide a prime socialising opportunity for high-potentials and (scientific) leaders of tomorrow.

Applicants’ profiles

Our participants are students, young researchers and professionals at the beginning of their careers. You are looking for a platform to present your own work or topic of interest to a highly knowledgeable and driven audience? You are open-minded, curious and eager to debate? Apply for the THINK V conference!

Hot Topic 2019: Alternative Futures

Prosperous stability or catasthrophic collapse? System change or business as usual? How will we look at the world of tomorrow? Which ideas will prevail?

How we think about the future today affects how it is brought about tomorrow. This years Hot Topic is dedicated to the exploration of Alternative Futures. Use your creativity and think about how the future could look differently from what is currently expected in your own sphere of action or scientific discipline. We very much welcome contributions from any field (natural sciences, sociology, political science or activism, etc.) for this year’s Hot Topic.

Keep in mind that it is not mandatory to give a talk about a topic associated with this years Hot Topic Alternative Futures nor is it mandatory to hold a talk at all, but you are encouraged to do so!

Hall of Fame

Take a look at last year’s lineup of talks to get a glimpse of previous contributions.

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