Application 2018

The THINK forward Conference will take place from 12th to 15th July 2018 at the Burg Wildegg in Sittendorf, Lower Austria. The participants will arrive on Thursday 12th in the early afternoon and leave on Monday 15th in the morning. The travels are to be self-organised.

The whole stay will cost 50€, including three meals a day, but as funding is not fully secured at this moment in time (January 2018), the costs could increase up to 100€. Therefore we ask you to pay the fee of 50€ for your registration and you will be notified about further changes both via email and on our website.

It is not necessary to hold a talk to participate in the THINK forward Conference, but it is strongly encouraged. There are two separate applications for participation and giving a talk, so you can first apply as a spectator and later also apply for a talk. The principle of first-come-first-serve applies.

Your participation application is valid when the fee of 50€ is payed before the deadline of 30th April 2018.

The abstracts for talks must be handed in before the deadline of 15th May 2018.

Further information about the exact conference programme and the location will be provided to you via email and our website.

Participation Application – Deadline 30th April 2018

To apply for participation fill out the form below. You will receive a confirmation email with the bank account details to pay the fee of 50€. The application is only completed when the fee is transacted.
If the fee changes before the conference due to funding issues you will be notified via email. As soon as your fee is registered you will receive a confirmation email.

Please read our personal data policy (English and German version) before applying.

Talk Application – Deadline 15th May 2018

To apply for a talk you have to submit an abstract of maximal length of half a PDF page outlining what you are going to talk about and including links and references for further reading. Based on these abstracts we will select the speakers for our 26 talk slots. Please be aware that the abstracts will be collected and published on our website.

We encourage you to give a talk on our Hot Topic 2018: Climate Change, to which we will dedicate several time slots. But it is also possible to speak about different topics.

Send your abstract via an email containing your name to

For some thematic inspiration, have a look at our last year’s topics.