Conference 2017


For the 3rd consecutive year, the THINK³ Conference will gather 40 fresh minds for a highly intensive four-day programme from 13th to 17th July 2017 consisting of lectures, seminars and debates.

Young researchers from all over Europe get a chance to engage in discussions on the current research and to present their work to peers from different disciplines. We expect outstanding contributions, passionate debates and a prime socialising opportunity for young scientists.

We want to engage in a critical discourse on the foundations of science and the continued interplay between societal development and scientific progress. To reach this goal it is important to speak about scientific developments and current research but also to see their impact on other disciplines and society.

Being a platform for interdisciplinary exchange, we look for contributions from all branches of the natural sciences and the humanities in the context of the natural sciences.

Applicants’ profile

Our participants are students and young researchers wishing to engage in deep discussions about different aspects of science, and possibly to present their own research, or a scientific topic of their choice. Present whatever drives your scientific motivation (for example a thesis you are working on or a scientific topic you are passionate about), take the opportunity to share your enthusiasm and engage in critical discussions. In any case, the presented material does not necessary have to originate from the participants’ original research.

Apply here for this year’s THINK³ Conference!
The new extended deadline for application and payment of the fee is 30th May 2017.


The conference will feature talks delivered by the participants on a topic of their choice. The talks should be held in English and will be assigned a time slot of 30 minutes (15-20 min talk + 10 min debate).


Thursday, July 13
arrival, introduction and talks

Friday, July 14 – Saturday July 15
talks and evening programme

Sunday, July 16
talks and evening grand party

Monday, July 17
afterparty, breakfast and clean-up

We have compiled a companion containing all the abstracts, a timetable and a plan of Tata.


The THINK³ Conference is going to be held in “Esély Budapest Alapítvány Ifjúsági Tábora” camp in the small Hungarian city Tata (Fáklya u. 4.), which is located at a beautiful lake. Food is provided by the team of the camp and there will be a vegetarian and vegan option available.

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